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Folks we all shop so why not let our shopping change some lives.  Since 2009 I have been personally funding Kiva Loans and now I am planning on increasing those loans dramatically through the profits from this shopping site.

A portion of all proceeds from this site will be donated to charity…That’s why it is Good Buys, Doing Good.  So feel good about your purchases. No need to feel guilty about your pleasures. Enjoy what you want, knowing that your purchases are doing good and creating good Karma.

Have you ever walked into a store and just been overwhelmed with sales people? If you have, then you’re going enjoy shopping in your PJ’s or from your desk at work with comfort and no one looking over your shoulder pushing you to buy.

Good Buys Doing Good is a project designed to help you navigate the expansive world of online shopping. We use the biggest, most popular shopping platform on Planet Earth. Yes, Amazon. So you can be assured that everything you buy is awesome and each purchase helps us help others.

We want to educate and inform our readers with interesting anecdotes, reviews of a variety of products and hopefully share a little bit of what we’ve learned along the way.

We are not technical engineers, but instead we are consumers, socially conscious consumers, who want the best bang for our buck. Just like you.

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Thank you for visiting our site and we hope we can become your resource for all your fashion and electronic needs and much more.


Allan Marston

Good Buys Doing Good